It’s like reading a favorite book. I don’t want to finish it soon because i know the story will be clear. I’m trying to read slowly now because i wanto to enjoy every step of story longer.
Letter to My Lovely Bestie,
I throw the memories when the rain coming,We love coffee,We love books,We love stand alone in the corner of our room,We love find the justify of us,We love think like a philosophy for our self,We love to find who am i,We talk about how crazy what we think.I love you..Thank you for being my bestfriend..
the mountains are calling and i must go…

Make your smile change the world and don’t let the world change your smile…


Love autumn
It is hard to be a woman„You must think like a man„Act like a lady„Look like a young girl„and work like a horse..
I want breath the air of the new places…
Dear january,
When i close my eyes, be calm please.
When the universe call the memories, keep moving please.
A year has passed, everything gonna be okay.
A letter to january

Dear january,

When i close my eyes, please be calm.
When the universe call the memories, just keep moving.
A year has passed. Everything gonna be okay.